Get Some Perspective

GeoPeeker can help you quickly spot-check your sites from different parts of the world

What Can GeoPeeker Do?

View Regional Differences

Use GeoPeeker to ensure that your site is displaying region-specific content.

Advanced Peeks

Create an advanced peek and customize resolutions, render delay, user-agent settings, and peek locations.

Check Global DNS

With GeoPeeker you can make sure that your DNS updates are propagating properly and keep track of changes over time.

Site Availability

There is no better tool for answering the age-old question: Is it down for just me, or everybody?

Troubleshooting Info

In addition to providing site source code, GeoPeeker can also tell you the ping timings of your site from various points of presence around the globe.

Full-featured API

Use our friendly API to integrate GeoPeeker's features into your own applications.

Tweak Your Peek

With GeoPeeker Pro or Enterprise, you can customize peeks to fit your needs

What makes GeoPeeker special?

No Proxies

When you want to know what a site looks like outside your current geographic location, proxies can be useful but often don't provide the most accurate local version of a site. GeoPeeker is built on a network of servers spread around the globe that provide fast access to better, more accurate information than proxies by sampling directly at the source.


Unlike other more complicated solutions, GeoPeeker can render a site in mulitple locations simultaneously and quickly, all without installing any software or messing with your browser or network settings.

By Devs, For Devs

GeoPeeker was developed for and by developers who use the tool every day as part of their core set of tools. Have a suggestion for a new feature? Just let us know!


With a paid GeoPeeker subscription you have access to multiple screen resolutions and languages. Want to know what your site looks like in Canada running on a French iPhone 6+? With our advanced peeks, it's no problem!