Frequently asked questions

Why does one or more of the locations not display an image?

There are a number of reasons why a site might not display in one or more of the locations. The most common reason is due to a temporary problem with one of the hops between your site and the render location. These usually clear themselves over a period of time.

If your site doesn't appear in any location, and displays no IP, make sure the URL is correct. If the site still doesn't display, it's possible that the DNS hasn't propagated yet (typically the case following recent DNS updates). It could also indicate an error with the site's DNS configuration.

On rare occassions GeoPeeker's render servers get jammed up under heavy load, causing images to fail to appear. This is a known issue, and one that is being addressed in an upcoming release. If you suspect there are issues with one or more of the render servers, please let us know.

How accurate are the images displayed?
GeoPeeker does not rely on proxies, but actual servers physically present in the locations indicated. With very few exceptions, what you see is what a site will look like to a user in that location.
How do I interact with the site that is displayed?

GeoPeeker only provides screenshots of the submitted site and is not designed to give full browsing access to the submitted site. For this level of control, you should consider another solution.

Will you be adding additional locations?

We've recently added India, Germany and Sweden to the Pro and Enterprise GeoPeeker subscriptions, with more locations on the way in 2016.